The Simmering Cauldron

A mystical and magical resource based in Mid Wales



News about events, products at the shop, where to find us and contact details about alternative practitioners.

The Shop Newsletter is published at each of the eight Sabbats.

Current Issue
Beltane 2018

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Autumn Equinox 2016
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If you would like to be emailed with a link to our  Shop Newsletter each Sabbat, email Tony  with the message

‘Newsletter please’
Get  a Cauldron Card

Any customer is eligible for a free
plastic credit card sized Cauldron Card,
just ask for one the next time you are in the Shop.
Card holders are eligible for a myriad of discounts, special offers and other promotions which will be notified via the Newsletter, emails and stall signs.
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Other Publications

On sale at the shop

The Runes - introductory booklet - 95p
Correspondences - laminated card - 70p
100 Magical ingredients - A5 sheets - £1

Leaflets free to download as PDF files
Candle Magic
The Chakras
Working with Crystals
A guide to Granular Incense
An Introduction to Pendulum Dowsing
Herbal First Aid

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Cauldron Card Terms and Conditions

1. Data Protection

a. The information collected by The Simmering Cauldron will only be used for
i. Distributing the Stall Newsletter.
ii. Providing information about promotions and other offers relating to The ‘Cauldron Card’
iii. Distributing information about events and activities that may be of interest to ‘Friends of the Simmering Cauldron’.

b. The information provided will not be shared with any other business or individual.

2. The Scheme

a. The Cauldron Card can only be used at the stall or at the reception of events organised by The Simmering Cauldron
b. The Cauldron Card remains the property of The Simmering Cauldron which reserves the right at any time to (a) terminate the scheme; (b) alter at any time the terms and conditions of the scheme or (c) withdraw or cancel individual cards in the event of abuse of the scheme.
c. The Cauldron Card is not transferable and can only be used by the person who was issued with the card.
d. The Cauldron Card can only be used at The Simmering Cauldron stall.
e. The Cauldron Card is only for personal use and cannot be used where the beneficiary is a business. Separate agreements are negotiable with business customers.
The Simmering Cauldron
2018 Calendar

A printed copy can produced to order for collection from the shop.