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Simmering Cauldron Newsletter news
Holders of a cauldron card (Friends of the Simmering Cauldron) currently receive regular notifications of our Newsletters being available, however, we have now decided to end the publication of the newsletter as the majority of our friends and customers now follow us on either our Facebook Page or Group.

Further to this change we intend to increase the number of ‘articles’ on Facebook and also publish them on our website. The ‘plan’ is to create a new Website page entitled ‘Articles’ which will include both past and new writings for visitors to browse/read/download. This is useful as Facebook posts tend to disappear down newsfeeds and can be difficult to refer back to.

In addition we will no longer maintain a list of Friends emails so you will not receive any further promotional emails but we encourage you to regularly check both Facebook and the website for updates on our activities.

Finally, the Cauldron Card will continue with offers being posted on Facebook and the website so keep it safe for your next visit to the Shop or event stall
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